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War in Ukraine

As a community of human rights organisations HRDN absolutely condemns Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine.  HRDN has compiled resources from our members, partners and international organisations to help follow the unfolding crisis and international response, as well as resources on how to help the people of Ukraine.

How you can help the people of Ukraine : Interactive map

In the midst of the constant flow of information, and faced with uncertainty, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless, but we can all contribute to supporting the people in Ukraine in these difficult times. This interactive map will show you various ways to help, including hosting a refugee in your home, providing funds to aid relief efforts, supporting independent Ukrainian media, and more.

As the situation in Ukraine unfolds, the needs of citizens in the country and neighbouring regions are sure to change. We will be keeping this resource up to date with the ways you can help respond to the evolving needs.

People In Need : Ukraine emergency response : we are helping refugees at the Ukrainian border and in Lviv More than half a million people fleeing from Ukraine to neighbouring countries desperately need our help. People in Need is already building facilities for them, providing food, hygiene supplies, and psychosocial assistance, mainly on the border with Slovakia. At the crossings with Moldova and Romania, it financially supports and coordinates local NGOs that help refugees on their arduous journey.

ILGA-Europe : We are working to support Ukrainian LGBTI people and activists, activists in neighbouring countries who are providing shelter and assisting with relocation, and activists in Belarus and Russia who are impacted by increasing crackdowns on dissent and by the sanctions.

European Disability Forum

Amnesty International


Human Rights House Foundation

International Service for Human Rights

International Commission of Jurists 

Clean Clothes Campaign

Center for Reproductive Rights

Coalition for the ICC (CICC)

DEMAS member organisations: 

European Partnership for Democracy: 


Oxfam International

Protection International

Scholars at Risk

Netherlands Helsinki Committee 

Civic Solidarity Platform

La Strada International
La Strada International is supporting the work of La Strada Ukraine. Several other LSI members in Poland, Romania, Moldova,Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Austria are providing information and consultation for Ukrainians on the run and provide safety and prevention of human trafficking information. With other NGOs in their countries some also try to support relocation of persons and or shelter support for those in need. LSI general statement

Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

The Kyiv Declaration