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Member Description Brussels, January 30, 2023 Dear President Metsola, Dear Presidents of the political groups …



    C’est qui ce passe dans mon pays la RDcongo plus precisement dans la zone de Beni est plus qu’alarmant. la nuit du 04/06/2019, vers 20h30, il y a eu une énième incursion des présumes ADF dans la ville de Beni, dans la commune de Beu, quartier KALONGO, cellule Masuata ou plus de 16 civils ont été sauvagement massacrés, dont une femme, mère d’un bébé de trois semaines sur laquelle les assaillants ont coupés un sein et son sexe.

  2. Dear Madam / Sir

    This email serve as the second contact point as a way of introducing Forum for Community Development for Persons with Disability) (FCDPD) what we do and perhaps to inquire about the possibility of working together to protect, promote disabled men women and girls’ empowerment in this part of the world.

    FCDPD is a Disabled Civil Society Organization (CSO) established in April, 2004 by collective initiatives proposed by well-meaning and developmentally oriented disabled Sierra Leoneans from diverse backgrounds as dedicated members of society within the Eastern Region, with the capacity to undertake development activities within different marginalized communities. FCDPD is a non-political and non-religious secular organization offering equal opportunities for all irrespective of gender, tribe, creed, region and culture. As a non-profit organization, it ensures the survival of the needy and restores the dignity of marginalized and vulnerable disabled women, men, children and girls in communities in Kenema District Eastern Region Sierra Leone.

    The management is kindly requesting partnership and project application form.

    Minimizing Political Marginalization to promote civic and political rights of persons with disabilities & increasing their participation in the upcoming june 24 2023 electoral process in Rural and Urban communities in Kenema District.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    Generally, the following are the services/activities provide by the group;

    > – Advocacy and Awareness Raising

    > – Income generating activities

    > – Vocational training

    > – Livelihood support

    > – Gender
    > Human Rights
    > Agriculture
    > School feeding program
    > Sport

    Best regards

    Mohamed Bah

    National Program Coordinator
    Contact: +23276168382

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