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End FGM European Network

Member Description

  End FGM European Network (End FGM EU) is a European umbrella organisation set up to ensure sustainable European action to end female genital mutilation (FGM). Our members are non-profit organisations expert in FGM and other forms of violence against women and girls. Our vision is a world free of all forms of FGM where women and girls are empowered and can fully enjoy their human rights. Our mission is to be the driving force of the European movement to end all forms of FGM, joining the forces of communities and civil society organisations, and building synergies and cooperation with all relevant actors in Europe and globally.   End FGM EU creates an enabling environment where activists and FGM survivors are empowered to engage directly with EU representatives to discuss change, address the challenges they face and build bridges across sectors to increase the understanding of FGM in the EU. Acknowledged as the key interlocutor on FGM in Europe, End FGM EU is in an ideal position to actively promote and support an effective European response to end FGM and to hold EU and national institutions accountable for their commitments. Thanks to the long-standing expertise of our member organisations, which define and guide our work, End FGM EU represents a crucial interface for national organisations working with girls, women and communities affected by FGM; EU and national policy and decision-makers; academia and research institutes; organisations representing professional groups; and other relevant actors working to end FGM in Europe and beyond.   Our strategic priorities are: (1) ensuring a European, coordinated and human rights based and child focused approach to end FGM; (2) building bridges between relevant actors and countries to end FGM; (3) strengthening the European movement to end FGM. The main activities we carry out are: (1) coordination, capacity building and strengthening of the Network and our members; (2) monitoring and contributing to legislation and policy-making development and implementation processes at national, European and international level; (3) promoting the use of empowering language and imagery around FGM, including through communication activities and annual campaigns.   For more information please contact Chiara Cosentino

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