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The Netherlands Helsinki Committee

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee is a non-governmental organisation that works to strengthen human rights protection, the rule of law and democracy in the OSCE region.


The NHC develops and implements projects to improve government policies and legal protection for vulnerable groups such as minorities, migrants, economically marginalized persons, trafficked persons and people in detention. In its projects, the NHC makes use of expertise from inside and outside the organisation. Where relevant, projects aim to influence in an effective and constructive manner the policies of governments and inter-governmental organisations.


The NHC plays an active role in advocacy on the performance of the OSCE and its participating states in realising the human dimension commitments of the organisation. The NHC also seeks to influence the human rights policies of the Netherlands government and seeks to follow and comment on aspects of European Union and Council of Europe policies that are relevant for human rights.


The NHC’s oldest continuing activity is the publication of the Security and Human Rights Journal (SHR), formerly known as Helsinki Monitor. The journal actively monitors and analyses aspects of the Helsinki process and the work of the OSCE. A weblog was started in 2011 (www.shrblog.org) to discuss developments that are relevant to the OSCE mandate.


The work of the NHC takes place in the OSCE region, with a focus on the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. On occasion, on specific request from partners, NHC expertise, or project management capacity, NHC has been employed also outside the region.

The current strategy of the NHC is contained in the document: Building and Security Justice in Europe

For more information please contact Pepijn Gerrits