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LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is a confederation of NGOs from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic (since 2008) and the Netherlands (2011), and it is one of the leading European NGOs dedicated to restoring eyesight, preventing blindness, providing rehabilitation and access to inclusive education, and promoting the human rights of people with disabilities in developing countries, without discrimination of gender, ethnicity, social group or religion.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD provides access to treatment and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities by supporting local partner organisations. We also commit ourselves to the task of raising awareness on the situation of, and advocating for, persons with disabilities in development via a rights-based approach.

This is an important basis for social inclusion and for the autonomy and self-determination of persons with disabilities, and today we are proud to support 175 programmes in 25 countries.

For more information, please contact Steffie Neyens.