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The International La Strada Association (La Strada International/LSI) is a leading European NGO network that works to ensure a world without trafficking in human beings by promoting respect for human rights. The network comprises eight independent member organisations that operate from a grass-roots level. The members are based in Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine and implement activities for advocacy, prevention and social support for trafficked persons and at-risk groups in order to empower them to exercise their rights.

An International Secretariat supports the members by coordinating the implementation of common strategies, engaging in advocacy activities and networking and organising capacity building to provide better services to the target groups. LSI  secretariat monitors and harmonises common La Strada activities, is responsible for data collection, registration and information provision and for advocacy work on the international level to promote the integration of the human rights based approach to trafficking into legislation, policies and measures.

For more information, please contact Suzanne Hoff.

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