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International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)


A universal movement

FIDH was established in 1922, and today unites 164 member organisations in more than 100 countries around the world. FIDH coordinates and supports their activities and provides them with a voice at the international level, including the United Nations and the European Union.
A mandate: the protection of all rights
FIDH is an international NGO defending all civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It acts in the legal and political field for the creation and reinforcement of international instruments for the protection of Human Rights and for their implementation. FIDH takes action for the protection of victims of human rights violations, for the prevention of violations and to bring perpetrators to justice.
An ethic: independence and objectivity
FIDH is a non-partisan, non-religious, apolitical and non-profit organisation, and it enjoys public interest status (“reconnue d’utilité publique”) in France, where its International Secretariat is based. Its independence and objectivity are the very foundation of its credibility.
An organisation to serve its members
FIDH is a federalist movement that acts through and for its national member and partner organisations. This principle of governance shapes its decision-making processes, its mode of action and the way it operates. It is what makes FIDH truly representative of its member and partner organisations and gives it legitimacy. By remaining in permanent interaction with local civil societies, FIDH can rapidly identify local obstacles to the work of defenders and take the necessary steps to mobilise support for them.
Embodying a world movement for Human Rights 
FIDH action priorities are:
  • Freedom and capacity to act of human rights defenders
  • Universality of rights, in particular those of women and migrants, whose inequitable treatment constitutes a major obstacle for the progress of mankind
  • Effectiveness of Human Rights, to put an end to the impunity of authors of violations, who are not called to account, be they individuals, States or business enterprises
  • Respect for Human Rights and the Rule of Law in times of conflict, emergency or political transition
For more information please contact the FIDH Delegation to the EU.

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