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DEMAS – Association for Democracy Assistance and Human Rights

DEMAS, an independent platform of Czech non-governmental organisations (NGOs), was established in 2008. The membership comprises 16 NGOs that have over many years demonstrated their commitment to the support of democracy assistance, human rights and civil society in the Czech Republic and mainly abroad. DEMAS builds on the solid foundations laid by the important segment of the Czech non-profit sector engaged in the field of democracy assistance, on the Czech experience and know-how of the transition to democracy, and also on an enduring sense of shared responsibility for democratic development in countries less fortunate than the Czech Republic. The DEMAS members work in the post-Soviet region, Western Balkan, Middle East, Latin America, and Myanmar. Within the framework of DEMAS, the members are able to identify their common interests and values, and co-operate more effectively in achieving the maximum impact in the field of human rights.

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For more information please contact us: Sabina Malcová